Methods of maintaining Cadeau & Co Forever Flower

Methods of maintaining Cadeau & Co Forever Flower


Cadeau & Co Forever Flower symbolise an everlasting love between lovers, a parent and their child, a child to their parent, lifelong friends, siblings, in-laws, aunties, uncles, cousins and anyone else you love. It’s showing appreciation to colleagues, clients, customers. 


Keeping your love and relationships fresh and forever just like Cadeau & Co Forever Flowers. 


  1. Advanced techniques have been used to keep your Forever Flowers fresh without the use of water, we recommend that you avoid keeping your Forever Flowers in places that are too wet or too dry. For example, your Forever Flowers should not be kept in moist environments, like in a bathroom. If your Forever Flowers are kept in an environment that is moist the pedals will become semitransparent. If this does happen, place your Forever Flowers in a sealed container together with drying agents, such as silica gel packs, for a few days and your Forever Flowers will return to their original state.


  1. Cadeau & Co Forever Flowers do not need photosynthesis, please avoid placing them in direct sunlight. We recommend that you keep your Cadeau & Co Forever Flowers in shady room. Avoid placing in strong air conditioning fan or strong air vents.


  1. Cadeau & Co Forever Flowers are very delicate, please handle them with care and avoid touching the flowers. You should also avoid pulling or squeezing your Forever Flower and its petal hard with your hands.


  1. To clean your Cadeau & Co Forever Flowers you only need to dust it once in a while. To remove any dust from your Forever Flowers, gently brush away the dust with a soft dry brush, or use a hair dryer with cool breeze making sure you are holding it at lease a 20 cm distance away.


  1. Under no circumstance should you place your Cadeau & Co Forever Flowers upside down. The pedals will be squashed and lose shape and may fall off. 


  1. You may notice that your Cadeau & Co Forever Flowers have a slight odor, this is very normal and can be completely eliminated once the lid of the box is removed for a few days. The odor is caused from the preservation process and is not harmful to smell. 


  1. Cadeau & Co Forever Flowers retain the original flavor of the plants and should not have any side effects to the human health. However, Cadeau & Co Forever Flowers are not edible, please do not place them in your mouth and keep out of reach of children who may place them in their mouth or eat them. If the flowers are consumed and side effects are visible, please contact your health care professional. 


  1. Under normal circumstances, Cadeau & Co Forever Flowers will last up to 1-3 years. However, if they are well looked after, they can last even longer. 

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