Why gift giving is important?

Why gift giving is important?


One of the most joy in our lives is giving or receiving gift, this morale is in all cultures, we do that instinctively, because that makes people happy, even it's common in animals too.

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Gift giving is a simple way to express your emotions without any word and look how generous are you, also shows who is important in your life .
Despite the price of gift, the psychic side of gift is really important, maybe your gift is a card or even less than that but the most important thing is the feeling you give to receiver.
Gift giving is a symbol of expressing love. we give gift for lot's of reasons like birthday, anniversary, Christmas Eve, apologize, etc.
Psychologist believe that givers receive better sense than the recipients. also those who don't give gift, have less attachment in their social life.

why gift giving is important
Above all the biggest effect of gift-giving is on ourselves. we make our feeling for people stronger and feel more impresse and generous.

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