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Why buy Forever Flowers instead of Fresh flowers?

Why buy Forever Flowers instead of Fresh flowers?

Gifting flowers is a part of life. We give flowers for all occasions, whether it is a happy occasion or a sad occasion. Fresh flowers are great however they only last for about a week and then they need to be thrown away not to mention how costly a bouquet of roses, or any flower, can be. This is where the benefits of Forever Flowers (also known as everlasting, long lasting or preserved flowers) shine. A box of Cadeau & Co Forever Flowers cost approximately the same as a bouquet of roses but instead of one week, they can last up to 1-3 years.

By opting for Cadeau & Co Forever Flowers, you get to enjoy the beauty of your gorgeous flowers for a longer time which means you are saving money as well.

Cadeau & Co Forever Flowers barely need any maintenance. Perhaps the occasional gentle dusting with a soft brush, if need be, otherwise you just need to place them in a dry place and just enjoy its beauty.

Cadeau & Co Forever Flowers are not only the perfect gift for any occasion, they are also the perfect decor for your home or celebrations such as proposals, weddings, engagements, birthdays and much more... With our variety of beautiful colours, you can match your home decor With a beautiful box as a centre piece for your coffee table, dining table or even a side table.

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