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Forever Flowers In Australia

Forever Flowers In Australia


Forever Flowers are real flowers that have been treated using an advanced formula so that the flowers are preserved up to 1-3 years. This is done through an advanced machinery so that the flowers natural state and texture are not damaged or effected. 

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Where do Cadeau & Co Forever Flower come from?

Cadeau & Co Long Life Flowers are farmed and crafted in China. Each one of our Forever Flowers are hand-picked and colour matched by professional technicians. Here at Cadeau & Co, we care about the environment so we ensure that our manufacturers use environmentally friendly methods when preserving Cadeau & Co Forever Flowers.

Cadeau&Co the eternal flower

We are proud of our attention to detail when it comes to our 100% real and long-lasting Magic Flowers.

Forever Flowers In Australia

Are Cadeau & Co Forever Flower real natural flower?

Yes. Cadeau & Co Flowers are made from natural superior fresh flowers, and are treated to last up to one to three years using a particular technology. Our Forever Flowers keep their softness, texture and fadeless appearance of its original state.

How long do Cadeau & Co Forever Flower last?

The lifespan of Cadeau & Co is varied depending on the conditions of the environment which the Forever Flowers are kept in. Cadeau & Co Forever Flowers can generally last upto 1-3 years.

However, if they are exposed to moisture, direct sunlight or handled inappropriately, the lifespan will be shorter. On the flip side, if they are handled appropriately and you follow the instructions provided in the ‘Care Instructions’ page on our website, you Cadeau & Co Forever Flowers can last even longer.

Our manufacturer testing’s we have found that the flowers can last up 5 years in a sealed environment. For care instructions please go to the

Forever Flowers In Sydney

Why have my Cadeau & Co Forever Flowers become transparent? How can I fix it?

If Cadeau & Co Flowers come in contact with moisture the pedal can become transparent. This is normal and can happen especially in humid weathers. It is recommended that you keep your Forever Flowers in a dry and cool place however, If the pedal does become transparent, place your flowers in a concealed pack along with drying agents or a dehumidifier for a few days and the colour will go back to its original state. You can also use a hair dryer for a few minutes. Your hair dryer needs to be on a cool setting and needs to be 20cm away from the Forever Flowers.

Why are there white spots on my flowers? How can I fix it?

Cadeau & Co Forever Flowers are very delicate and will get white spots if they are touched frequently. We advise that you handle your Forever Flowers with care and avoid touching, pulling or squeezing your Forever Flower and its petal hard with your hands. If You do see white spots on your Cadeau & Co Forever Flowers you can gently wipe them off using cotton and Methylated Spirits. When doing this make sure you are gentle with the flowers and do not squash your Forever Flowers.

At Cadeau & Co, we want to make the perfect moments last longer. Now, its easy to tell someone “I love you”, “I’m thinking of you” or “I’m sorry” with perfect roses that have been treated with Innovative technology to preserve and extend the life of fresh flowers.

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Aَustralian forever flowers

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At Cadeau & Co we specialise in, not only preserved roses, but, austins and hydrangeas that have been treated to last up to three years too.

Australian forever flowers In

We want you to enjoy beautiful fresh flowers with the luxury of its beauty preserved for a long time.(forever flowers). A great gift for your dear.

The beautiful Flowers contains Roses that have been treated to last up to 3 years.

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Like the otherworldly flower from the motion picture, Forever Rose  enchanting manifestations make no sense. Each rose stands upstanding in a glass vault. Whenever left encased in the ringer glass, the rose can keep going forever without daylight or even water. Forever flower in glass, Whenever expelled from the defensive cloche, it will at present hold its as of late culled appearance and remain wither free for as long as 3 years. 

Flowers That last up 3 years In Sydney

Making a solitary long-life rose is a profoundly specialized procedure as laborers have just a couple of hours, while the roses are totally new, inside which to finish the protection procedure.

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