What flowers are best for flower boxes? | Flower box arrangements

What flowers are best for flower boxes? | Flower box arrangements


What flowers are best for flower boxes?

Flowers can be made into various arrangements. Each arrangement is beautiful in its own way and is suitable for different occasions. Cadeau and Co boxes are a perfect shape and size for long lasting roses, peonies and variety of other arrangements.

Using our clear acrylic boxes, you can lay out your flowers in flat rows creating a symmetric and clean-cut arrangement. You can also use our transparent boxes to arrange flowers that stand out and have 3D effect.

Last but not least, cadeau & Co cardboard boxes are a great basic arrangement in which you can have a flat structured arrangement as well as a pop out arrangement using a variety of different flowers.

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Cadeau&Co flower boxes

Check out what we have on display on our website or tell us about the arrangement you have in mind and we will create it for you.

Flower box arrangements

Bloom Box Facts

Plants in window boxes, similar to those in any compartment garden, are dependent upon more dryness and warmth than plants in the nursery.

As opposed to utilizing experienced plants that have grown up and consequently adjusted to life in the nursery or on a shielded deal seat, purchase nursery packs of youthful plants that will adjust legitimately to their window box and endure less transplant stun.

Plants, for example, fuschia and (Impatiens wallerana) advantage from an obscure presentation and every day watering to keep their dirt cool and sodden. Others, including crawling zinnia (Sanvitalia procumbens), French marigold (Tagetes patula) and petunias flourish disregarding the warmth and dryness of a bright window sill.


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