The Reasons for Giving Gifts

The Reasons for Giving Gifts


Its normal to give someone you love a gift if you haven’t seen them for a long time. You can give gifts like flower, shoes, bag or anything that you know they like.
When you buy gift for someone, you’re showing that persons importance to you.

There are many reasons to give a gift, like mother’s day, father’s day, birthday, anniversary and so much more but when you give a gift when there is no occasion, it shows how much you really love the other person and it’s so much more special.

One of the gift that shows your love is flower. Every flower has different significance but roses make the best gift.

Different Rose colours have different meanings. Yellow roses represent happiness and friendship, White roses represent humility and innocence, and red roses represent love.


Here at Cadeau we understand that gifts are a special part of life and we know how meaningful they can be when they are personal. To meet your specific gifting needs we have created ‘Custom Cadeau’.

It's no secret that we love to offer an endless variety of different styles and options for you. Here, we've grouped our items by collections so you can shop at ease!


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