Flower colors and what they mean | Flower types

Flower colors and what they mean | Flower types


Red - The colour of love and romance! It is the symbol of beauty and perfection, red roses are honored by time to say“I love you.” Whatever the occasion, wheather its for a birthday, Valentine’s Day, mother’s day or you just want to show someone you appreciate them, there’s no better gift than a box of red forever roses from Cadeau & Co to express how you feel. 


Pink - the perfect colour to show admiration and appreciation. Cadeau & Co pink forever roses are the symbol of elegance and grace with their gentle feel they convey innocence and sweetness.


White - Symbolises new beginnings. traditionally associated with marriagesbut their purity has also made them a gesture of remembrance and spirituality. Cadeau & Co white forever roses make the perfect gift when you want to show someone you’re thinking of them. 


Orange - the wild energy of an orange rose symbolises enthusiasm, passion and gratitude. With its fire blazing energy, Cadeau & Co orange forever Roses will get whatever emotion you are having with oomph.


Yellow - the traditional colour of friendship.hen their sunny disposition sends a joyful message and lights up any room. Cadeau & Co yellow forever roses make the perfect gift to say thank you or “don’t ever change” 

Purple - the colour of happiness. It majestic shades symbolise grandeur and splendor. It’s the physical form of ‘love at first sight’. Cadeau & Co purple forever roses make the perfect gift for anyone you deeply love and feel happy to be around.

source: https://cadeauco.com.au

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