Occasionally officers may be offered gifts

Occasionally officers may be offered gifts

While offering and accepting gifts is common in everyday life, there can be good reasons for public officers (officers) declining them.

The Western Australian people group confides in open officials to play out their obligations fair-mindedly and with trustworthiness. They can only do this if their personal interests do not conflict with their public duty. Occasionally officers may be offered gifts, benefits or hospitality as a consequence of undertaking their duties.


Usually these will be a token of appreciation and carry no expectation. In other cases, accepting a gift, benefit or hospitality could give the impression an officer will favour a particular person or organisation when making decisions.



This may not be the aim of either the official or individual offering the blessing, advantage or neighborliness, in any case, recognitions matter. Recognitions are additionally significant when officials or open experts (specialists) give a blessing, advantage or cordiality.

Officials should be careful to utilize open assets mindfully and guarantee choices to give blessings, advantages or friendliness are faultless and further the matter of the specialist or government.

Managing endowments, advantages and friendliness isn't clear given the diverse working settings for every specialist. Notwithstanding, it is significant that blessings, advantages and friendliness are managed in a down to earth approach to limit any genuine or saw trustworthiness dangers. Thus officials need a decent comprehension of when a blessing, advantage or neighborliness is proper and when it isn't.

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