Long life flowers | Flowers That Last 3 Years or Longer

Long life flowers | Flowers That Last 3 Years or Longer


Long life flowers are real flowers that have been treated using an advanced formula to preserve the natural state and texture of fresh flowers for up to 3 years.

(Flowers That Last 3 Years or Longer)

This process starts at picking the highest quality of flowers at peak time and placing it in a safe and environmentally friendly liquid substance.

Long life flowers In Sydney.

After some time, the flower is placed in colouring liquid to maintain its beautiful colour for the years to come. It is then naturally air dried and designed in beautiful boxes for you to purchase. Find out more about our unique "Real Flowers That Last 3 Years" also known as "ETERNITY FLOWERS" or "PRESERVED ROSES."

Long life flowers

long life flower

This preservation techniques holds the natural appearance and feel of a freshly cut flower as well as its colour as oppose to old drying techniques that caused the flower colour to fade and the pedals to fall off after only a couple of weeks, if not days.(Long life flowers).

Real Flowers That Last 3 Years

A bouquet of fresh flowers can brighten up any room, but before long, they start to wilt and die. 

Real Flowers That Last 3 Years

If you’re looking for a way to make those Valentine’s Day roses, graduation bouquet, or anniversary arrangement bloom vibrantly and stay fresh for a few more days try one of Long life flowers.

Real gifts That Last 3 Years

There are good reasons customers should research and compare prior to buying! Real gifts That Last 3 Years. 

There are some very important things that make one product stand out above others.  Presentation and Quality. The presentation of our product is built around the idea of perfection. 

Flowers are a piece of the most significant events in our lives. They are obviously present on birthday celebrations, memorial services, graduation, weddings, and so on shaping a basic piece of our lives. A few blooms have religious essentialness as well.

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