Gift giving anxiety is a serious social phenomenon

Gift giving anxiety is a serious social phenomenon


Gift giving is a universal social norm of human culture, and has been discussed from a theoretical perspective focusing on the functions and effects of giving. Previous research has found that not only do gifts help maintain our social ties, but also create and worsen interpersonal conflict. Gift giving anxiety is the givers' fear of being negatively evaluated by the recipients.


This is part of social anxiety, similar to other anxieties such as test taking and public speaking. A few researchers have investigated this issue using qualitative research, however, no study to date has randomly assigned participants to be hypothetical gift shoppers and examined their physiological responses. Therefore, further research should be done to more accurately understand gift giving anxiety, including the measures of physiological responses.

Gift giving anxiety is a serious social phenomenon

In spite of the fact that there are many blessing giving sparks, many blessing suppliers wish to impact beneficiaries by giving them endowments they see as positive while abstaining from gifting apparent as being negative.

Since blessing beneficiary input sincerely influences the supplier, the more noteworthy the impact the beneficiary has on the provider and the more troublesome it is to fulfill that person, the more nervousness the provider will feel about choosing endowments.

Likewise, suppliers use blessings to build up or keep up a positive impression with the beneficiary. Hence, suppliers generally invest more energy cautiously choosing presents for beneficiaries who are compelling and amazing just as when the provider wants the beneficiary's endorsement.

The act of giving gifts

The act of giving gifts can create mental stress by requiring an examination of the standards of propriety and negotiation of identity, which can produce inauthentic versions of the self, and subsequently, stress. In spite of advanced investigation of other forms of social anxiety existence,psychologists have not considered gift giving to be a salient research topic. Gift giving anxiety is a serious social phenomenon and deserves more attention by psychologists.

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