Forever Classic Red Roses

Forever Classic Red Roses


Cadeau & Co Forever Flowers are real flower that have been treated to last up to 1-3 years. The life span of the flowers will depend on the conditions where it is kept. Our wide range of colours and arrangements make our flowers the perfect gift for any occasions and for any person.

buy Forever Classic Red Roses from Cadeau & Co.

Forever Classic red rose

Cadeau & Co forever flowers don’t require any water, are toxic free, which makes them kid and pet friendly and on top of that they are Perfect solution for hayfever or allergy sufferers who love flowers but don’t get to enjoy them because of their condition. On top of that. Like there could be any more benefits, you hardly need to spend any time or effort trying to maintain them. just the occasional dusting. Please check our website on how to clean and maintain your Cadeau & Co Forever Flowers.

Looking for something a little more custom? Our highly skilled designers can integrate virtually any pattern, letter, or symbol into an CadeauandCo Rose arrangement.

If you are stuck on what flowers to buy, our classic red Roses or Austin’s are a safe bet you will be the favourite person in any room. Cadeau & co classic red Roses or Austin’s in an acrylic box with a drawer full of delicious chocolates are the perfect gift for Mother’s Day, valentine’s day, anniversaries, wedding gift, birthday gift or just the perfect excuse to treating yourself.

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